We’ve been talking about Issue 3 for months now. All of the big unions in the state endorsed it a long time ago. Everyone knows exactly what it will do. Everyone chose their sides a long time ago – including the Franklin County Democratic Party who not only supports the issue but also sent me a little sample ballot in the mail encouraging me to vote yes on 3.

Given that everyone has been well aware of issue 3 for so long and that the county party and the State’s largest labor groups are supporting the issue, you’d think that the rest of Central Ohio’s Dems would also be on board. But for some reason everyone has been sitting on the sidelines up until this week.

As Modern points out, a bunch of important people suddenly decided to come out against Issue 3 late this week, including Mayor Mike Coleman and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. I also heard that Franklin County Commissioners Brooks and O’Grady have come out against the issue despite the county party’s endorsement.

I’m not sure what made them all change their mind so late in the game but it certainly is strange given their silence during the months of discussion leading up to this vote. It’s only a few days before the election and everyone with an absentee ballot (like me) has probably already sent it in. And NOW they decide to take stand on this issue?

Kind of late, guys.

They’d all like you to believe they were waiting for more information before they made a decision. But I’m guessing that, more likely, they decided to put off this difficult announcement until the very end knowing that this late reveal would do the least amount of damage and piss off the fewest number of people/supporters/potential donors.

Politically, this is probably the best course of action (except not endorsing at all) when dealing with a controversial issue like gambling.

But personally, this makes them all look like a bunch of indecisive, wishy-washy flip-floppers who don’t understand or respect the importance of the decisions they make.