Issue 1 will force the State to change our constitution and to take out $200 million in loans in the middle of a huge budget crisis. It will also require that Ohio’s taxpayers dish out and extra $100 million in interest for those loans.

And what do we get in return?

Monthly checks of $50 to every veteran in Ohio.

It really seems like a waste of money if you ask me. And it seems like there are plenty of better ways to help Ohio’s veterans.

For example, what if we gave the most needy veterans low-interest loans?

That way the state would eventually recover the funds AND a useful chunk of cash would go to the veterans who actually need the money most.

Instead of just sending every veteran enough money to buy a new pair of sneakers we could help the neediest few veterans pay for school or a make a downpayment on a house or start a small business.

Isn’t that a better idea?