The Ohio Office of Budget and Management’s analysis of Issue 1 estimates that Ohioans will end up paying almost $294 Million over the next 15 years to cover the $200 million in bonds proposed by Issue 1.

As a reminder: if Issue 1 passes it will change the Ohio Constitution to allow the State to borrow money (by selling bonds) to give bonuses to anyone from Ohio who has recently served in the military or, presumably, will serve in the military while the wars in the Middle East continue.

So I ask again: where is the outrage from Ohio’s fiscal conservatives?.

Buckeye RINO seems to be the only one who has come out against this issue. But he’s always seemed like a pretty reasonable guy – so I’m not too surprised.

It is kind of strange that the Buckeye Institute isn’t out campaigning against Issue 1. This seems like exactly the kind of thing they should hate: the government borrowing money to give away to a select few of its citizens with absolutely no expected benefit in return.

I do wonder if BI’s silence results from the fact that Issue 1 was put on the ballot by a bunch of Republican lawmakers… but that’s just silly. The Buckeye Institute is non-partisan, of course.