Rasmussen asked ;ikely 2012 GOP voters if Republicans in congress represent their values or if they’ve “lost touch” with Republican voters.

Only 15% said the Republican members of congress represented their values. And nearly three quarters (73%) of the respondents said Republicans in congress had “lost touch”.

That was the second question in the two-question survery. The first question asked respondents about their most important issue in determining how they will vote in the next national election. They were given the option of choosing National Security, Economic, Domestic, Cultural or Fiscal Issues.

If you believe wingnut righty bloggers you’d think the answer is obvious. We are, in case you didn’t already know, on the verge of a huge conservative uprising against the so-called RINOs in congress who aren’t fighting hard enough against the big gay agenda and the baby killing abortion industry.

In fact, only 7% of respondents chose Cultural Issues as their most important issue. The most common choice, not surprisingly, was Economic Issues at 31%.

I guess the Republicans in congress aren’t the only ones who have lost touch with Republican voters.