I just got an email from the Stivers’ campaign asking for my help in expanding his “campaign’s reach into new media.” The email asks that “people join our Facebook group and our Twitter account.”

Obviously Steve and his online communications people have no clue how Twitter works. Hint: there are no accounts to join with Twitter. And yet they include a link to his twitter feed in their email – a feed which has exactly four whole tweets.

The first one was from July and the second from August and both are exactly what I would expect from a GOP candidate:

#1: “Just created my new Twitter Account.”

#2: “Testing Twitterberry”

The next two messages are slightly better:

Sep 11th, 7:25 PM : “Sorry for not using this much. Karen and I welcomed our first child, Sarah, last week. Mother and daughter are doing well.” (Congrats, by the way)

Sep 23rd, 4:21 PM: “At a Healthcare Townhall meeting in Dublin with over 300 people.”

But that’s it. That’s the extent of the Steve Stivers’ Twitter feed. So why, why, WHY would they include a link that feed in their email communication?

Anyway, here’s my advice to Steve regarding his twittering…

1. The personal stuff is good. And everyone loves babies. Run with the baby thing – it will definitely make you look like less of a weird tall robot banking guy and more of an actual person.

2. Once or twice a month is not enough. Your tweets will get lost in the shuffle if you aren’t posting at least 3 or 4 times a week. Preferably 3 or 4 times a day.

3. There is no shame is not using Twitter. It’s not for everyone. And if you aren’t willing to commit to using it effectively, it might be better to just delete your account and stick to more traditional campaign communication outlets.