If you read today’s Rotunda Insider newsletter from Hannah News Service or the Dayton Daily News article it references, you’d get the feeling that Ohio Citizen Action just attacked Governor Strickland for spending too much time fundraising.

In fact, the report they just released deals exclusively with the fundraising and lawmaking activities of the legislature and Governor Strickland is never mentioned in it.

Which is weird, because Hannah decided to go with the headline “Group Criticizes Work of Strickland, General Assembly” even though the report never mentions Strickland.

And Hannah seems to have based this headline exclusively on the opening paragraph of Bill Hershey’s piece for the Dayton Daily News on the same topic.

Hershey’s piece made the original factual error in his first paragraph – and Hannah picked it up and brought it to Headline status.

I know it seems like a small oversight, but when you consider that we are well into the 2010 election cycle and that many people just scan the paper reading the title and first paragraph of articles like this, it’s kind of a big deal.

Someone at DDN should have caught this mistake and someone at Hannah should have read the article and the attached report before blindly linking to the story.

You aren’t bloggers, guys. We expect more.