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TruthPAC calls for statewide election board review

(CLEVELAND, OH) – On Monday, when the out-of-state casino developers bankrolling Issue 3 admitted an agent of their campaign committed voter fraud, this was no surprise to Hamilton County law enforcement.

Hamilton County sheriff’s deputies had already dropped grand jury subpoenas on pro-casino forces and seized records from their downtown Cincinnati offices. Reeling, the committee’s chief pointed the finger at one employee of their out-of-state vendor, Fieldworks, Inc.

Suspicious of the developers’ statement, Ohio’s anti-casino campaign called for a thorough statewide election board review of absentee balloting.

“Today, the out-of-state casino developers are the target of a grand jury probe and this is just the latest example of the campaign’s systematic abuses,” casino opponent Sandy Theis of TruthPAC said. “This is limited to one canvasser like the Watergate break-in was just Liddy and McCord. Clearly it would be prudent for all Ohio election boards to examine this further.”

“Erie County prosecutors knew months ago something was fishy with the way out-of-state casino developers got Issue 3 on the ballot. So did Montgomery and Darke counties, when casino petitions included the names of dead people,” Theis said. “Now prosecutors in Cincinnati smell something wrong with the way Issue 3 ballots are being cast. This is a pattern of deception.”

“This will go to the grand jury,” Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters said in a late-breaking Cincinnati Enquirer story. “We don’t know the scope of this yet.” (ENQUIRER:

“Clearly, these guys will say anything and pay anything to get a casino monopoly wired in Ohio,” Theis said. “We’re waiting for other shoes to drop.”



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Oh, and in case you didn’t know or had not already heard the developers who want to build casinos in Ohio? They are from OUT-OF-STATE! (TruthPAC mentions it 4 times in a 7 paragraph statement – they really really want you to know that)

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