In a word? No.

Hell, Columbus already has more murders per 100,000 people than Las Vegas. Last I checked they had legalized gambling in the form of casinos. Lots of them.

Murders in 2007 (per 100,000):

Las Vegas – 9
Columbus, Ohio – 11

I know. Property crimes are what increase when casinos come to town! Yes. Property crimes.

Property crimes in 2007 (per 100,000):

Las Vegas – 4,3,92
Columbus, Ohio – 6,996

Whoops. I may be inadvertently making the case here for SEVERAL casinos downtown! No wait. Maybe robberies will increase. Robbery has to be BAD in Vegas with all that money and loose women. Yes. Robbery!

Robberies in 2007 (per 100,000):

Las Vegas – 392
Columbus, Ohio – 523

So are people getting robbed and killed over their lotto tickets? LOL.

So yes. Let’s make sure we don’t have any casinos so we can preserve our crime free midwestern heritage! Whatever.

(By the way, Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati, and Columbus were all in the top 35 of all cities listed sorted by violent crime!) Don’t believe the fear merchants who say crime will follow casinos. They need to make another – more persuasive – argument.