TruthPAC, the anti-casino Issue 3 spam machine, just stepped in it. A reader forwarded to me their site bashing Lyle Berman by asking (in Where’s Waldo fashion) where he is. It’s cute. By half.

Problem. The out-of-state developer who put the neat little javascript rollover doesn’t even know where Delaware, Ohio is! (hint: it’s NORTH of Columbus jackasses, not SOUTH!)


Nice work with the big bad rich boogeyman backer argument though. Should your opponents on the other side start screaming about George Soros now or later?

Maybe they should have asked their partners ProgressOhio where Delaware is. I’m pretty sure they know!

Nothing says “out-of-state” like not knowing where the city that hosts the world famous Little Brown Jug is located! Oh, and the State Fair is not held in Morrow County, dumbasses!

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