Georgia has issue, man. Serious issues. This story is just an example:

Patrick Lanzo likes to generate negative attention, by openly displaying his ugly racism and hate in the most vile and public ways possible. The owner of a roadside bar in a small Georgia town, Lanzo recently erected a giant sign in front of his Ku Klux Klan themed speakeasy, with the message: ?Obama?s plan for health-care: Ni**er rig it.?

I don’t take to using the little ** to soften the hate. Pat’s sign says Nigger rig it. It even got him on CNN, where he lies about being a racist and shows as evidence a photo of MLK, Nelson Mandela, and a 2005 NAACP membership card. LOL. All surely jokes for his Stormfront and Klan friends.

Pat Lanzo is a lying racist assbackwards redneck Georgian. The guy regularly hosts Klan rallies and Aryan Nation meetings and the like. What an asshat.

The other thing wrong with this story? His “restaurant” is called the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar and Museum. That’s just wrong on face.

Seriously, Georgia. WTF?

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