Hickmania Alert!

Warning. Our favorite insane so-called Progressive blogger stalking friend Dave Hickman is back! Comments here at PB (soon to be released in the special Hickmania thread) indicate that we should proceed with moving the Hickmania Threat Level to RED (high).

Proceed with caution.

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  • Is there a higher level than red? We could be reaching it. Fat Buddha belly dancer high plains drifter has been called!

  • anastasia p

    Is he still whining about how everyone else but him is compromised and has some ulterior motive? I’ll never forget his email about the first Rootscamp that he felt at least a quarter of the people signed up to attend did not deserve to be there and were not worthy of his attention.

  • That’s the one! I’ll link to the quarantined comments here soon. Still trying to contain the outbreak. Might have to cancel school tomorrow.

  • For those interested in details about the Hickmania outbreak, you can find it in this official Hickmania thread. It’s a repository of all things Hickmania:


    Current outbreak begins at comment 27:


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