I didn’t have high hopes for Ann Fisher when I heard she was going to be hosting a show on WOSU radio. She’s always done pretty well as a guest on TV (Columbus on the Record) but I never figured a newspaper journalist, especially one who writes for The Dispatch, could pull off hosting a two hour call-in show.

It turns out that I was wrong. Very wrong. And if you haven’t listened to “All Sides with Ann Fisher” yet then I highly recommend you do.

Sure, it’s going to take her a little time to get comfortable with being a radio host. She still stumbles a little when she gives the station identification information and she isn’t always clear when asking questions of her guests. But all that will come with time and none of it really takes too much away from the show itself.

Since late last week when the show started I’ve been looking for excuses to spend my afternoons in the car so I could listen to Ann’s guests discuss Ohio politics (Issue 3, the death penalty, the budget) as well as local music, female priests and Anne Frank (strangely one of my favorite subjects).

And my wife just informed me that Lisa Dillman – one of my favorite local restaurant/food bloggers – is going to be on the show this Friday.

It keeps getting better and better.

Keep up the good work Ann.