Ted Strickland’s recent announcement that he wants to postpone the next phase of a planned income tax cut to help solve the ongoing state budget crisis has picked up endorsements from the Ohio Farm Bureau, the Ohio Manufacturer’s Association and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce – all groups that normally support Republicans and their pro-business ideas.

Meanwhile, John Kasich is making plans to campaign with Sean Hannity – the ultra-conservative Fox News talk show host.

I’m not sure who is advising Kasich on his campaign but it sounds like someone who has no clue about the political scene in modern-day Ohio.

Ohioans are looking for leaders who can work across party lines. Leaders who understand both business and labor. Leaders who don’t use hatred and divisiveness – trademarks of Sean Hannity’s right-wing talk show style – as campaign tactics.

That shit may have gotten you elected in 1998, but as we approach 2010 Ohioans are looking for something a little more substantial and a little less evil.

Any halfway-intelligent campaign advisor would tell John to avoid using the same strategy that destroyed the last Republican gubernatorial candidate’s campaign. But it sounds like Kasich is well on his way to pulling a Blackwell.

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