Conservative Republicans at an “Americans For Prosperity” meeting erupt in applause and jubilation at the news of Chicago – an American city – losing it’s bid for the Summer Olympics in 2016:

First and foremost the irony of a group called Americans for Prosperity cheering the loss of around $23 billion US dollars coming to an American city that could damn well use it. Love it.

Second, don’t ever let ANYONE tell you that these assholes are about being American, protecting America, her Constitution, or any other bill of goods they are selling. These people are psychopaths of the first order who are out to destroy everything that our country should stand for.

Cheering against Obama and Chicago at the expense of the larger good to the country should be evidence enough if you weren’t already convinced. Fucktards.

I hope these images of the New Republicanism is played on a loop for the next month. That is all.

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