I have been hearing rumors about John Kasich for a while now.

Rumors about John’s angry run-ins with flight attendants and his horrible treatment of servers at restaurants. Rumors about his complete lack of self-control and his arrogant and childish behavior in public places. Rumors about his inability to not be an asshole when not being an asshole is the only thing he needs to do to help push forward his latest quest for statewide political office.

So far, I’ve avoided posting about any of these rumors because no one has come forward with similar information or any actual proof.

But today I read a post on a typepad blog by a guy named Kyle Sisk who seems to be the only righty blogger willing to admit what they all know: “John Kasich needs to quit being a jerk” if he is going to have any serious chance at running for Governor.

So this here is my first post about the topic. And right here, right now, I’m asking for your help to prove that John Kasich is, indeed, an asshole.

Of course I’d like something really juicy, but I’ll take any kind of proof you have to get the ball rolling.

I’d love to see someone take Kyle’s advice and follow John Kasich around with a camera until he (likely sooner than later) reveals his true self with a beautiful, ad-worthy 10-seconds of Allenesque macacaism.

But I’m willing to consider any kind of video or audio of John yelling. How about dinner receipt on which he tips $1.50 on an $80.00 tab? Even just a personal story with some more specific details.

In the unlikely case you had a very nice run-in with the former Fox News personality, let us know that too. Because I’d absolutely hate myself for posting about rumors that turn out not to be true.