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Proof John Kasich is an Asshole

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I have been hearing rumors about John Kasich for a while now.

Rumors about John’s angry run-ins with flight attendants and his horrible treatment of servers at restaurants. Rumors about his complete lack of self-control and his arrogant and childish behavior in public places. Rumors about his inability to not be an asshole when not being an asshole is the only thing he needs to do to help push forward his latest quest for statewide political office.

So far, I’ve avoided posting about any of these rumors because no one has come forward with similar information or any actual […]

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There are so many important political events happening this week that I can’t decide which one to spend my time writing about. So instead I’ll write about spelling/grammar mistakes. And if grammar/spelling/word usage errors don’t annoy you then you can just skip this post.

Let me start by saying I look forward to Hannah’s daily Rotunda Insider email, which contains links to three of the top stories in Ohio politics each day. It’s not a replacement for blogs, but it gives you a good feel for the political stories that the major news outlets are covering that day.

Normally […]

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