Twenty-ten is quickly approaching. And that means two big political battles are nearly upon us: Governor Strickland’s race to stay in office and the race to replace George Voinovich as the next Senator from Ohio.

Rasmussen has already started polling for both and, so far, the results don’t have me too thrilled.

In the Governor’s race, that asshat from Fox News (aka John Kasich) is actually leading by a point (46/45). Not statistically significant, but still worrisome.

And the Senate race numbers are just as close.

I know there are a lot of excuses we can give for these crappy poll numbers: It’s still really early, the incumbant Governor is being blamed for the poor economy, or the Dems have yet to select a Senate candidate.

All true. But all still excuses.

Right now I’m just praying for some kick-ass fundraising numbers next quarter.