A week ago the Ohio Republican Party made their endorsements for state-wide races.

Funny thing: they didn’t endorse Mike Dewine for Attorney General, even though Mike has way more name recognition everywhere in the state except maybe Delaware Township, the only place Dave Yost, Mike’s opponent in the primary for AG, has ever held anything close to political office.

Instead “the central committee created a screening committee to recommend an endorsement in the attorney general’s race between Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost and former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine.”

It’s been a week now and no one has heard a peep from the central committee.

I think they finally figured out what the rest of us already knew: Dave Yost actually rhymes with They’ve Lost.

If the Ohio GOP can’t pick up the seat of a guy was forced out of office for sleeping with his employees and hiring his loser friends, what the hell can they do?