From the daily archives: Thursday, September 17, 2009

A week ago the Ohio Republican Party made their endorsements for state-wide races.

Funny thing: they didn’t endorse Mike Dewine for Attorney General, even though Mike has way more name recognition everywhere in the state except maybe Delaware Township, the only place Dave Yost, Mike’s opponent in the primary for AG, has ever held anything close to political office.

Instead “the central committee created a screening committee to recommend an endorsement in the attorney general’s race between Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost and former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine.”

It’s been a week now and no one has heard a […]

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It doesn’t appear to have been much of a challenge to find quite a few crazy people with crazy signs.

“We can do this. At this point, all that stands in the way of universal health care in America are the greed of the medical-industrial complex, the lies of the right-wing propaganda machine, and the gullibility of voters who believe those lies.”
– Paul Krugman

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No, it’s true – “Tea Party” protesters are complaining about the level of service provided by the DC Metro.

Rep. Kevin Brady called for a government investigation into whether the government-run subway system adequately prepared for this weekend?s rally to protest government spending and government services.

SRSLY. A bunch of idiots go protest “socialism” and then turn around and complain that an underfunded Metro isn’t providing them enough service.

Brady says in his letter to Metro that overcrowding forced an 80-year-old woman and elderly veterans in wheelchairs to pay for cabs

I thought the “public option” would put […]

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