You publicly pray that “all Muslims will come to accept Jesus Christ as their savior” and you name your church the “Global Revolution Church” and you worship by laying face down on your living room floor and covering your eyes and praying for God to intervene in a court of law and you have to tell people multiple times that you don’t belong to a cult.

  • Matt N.

    Ted Strickland is doing his best to make sure this woman dies. Deeply disturbing

  • That’s fucking ridiculous and you know it Matt.

    The report is out and it found absolutely no evidence of abuse in the family.

    It also found parts of the girls story to be lies.

    This father has every right to expect his kids to follow his rules while they live in his house – just like your parents did.

    Plenty of Christian parents make their kids go to church every Sunday – and if the Christian daughter ran away and hid out with a Muslim family she met on the internet you’d be attacking the Muslims right now.

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