In case you haven’t noticed, many of Ohio’s blogs – including this one – have been supporting Jennifer Brunner in her bid to replace George Voinovich as Ohio’s next Senator. This support can be attributed, in no small part, to her performance as Secretary of State. She really has lived up to her promise to provide Ohioans with “free, fair, open, and honest elections” – a big change from her predecessor.

And so far she has promised to do great things as a Senator too. She has come out in support of many progressive causes that incumbants seem to be slacking on. Health care, LGBT rights, women’s rights and labor issues… Jennifer has been out in front of her primary opponents on all of these issues.

But I think it’s important to mention one other annoying ‘problem’ that has been floating around her office for months. Something she should have fixed a long time ago. Something that is still making news even though she desperately wants it to go away. A decision that Ohio’s Supreme Court is finally forcing her to make.

Does State Senator Jon Husted actually live in his district, as the law requires?

We love you Jennifer, but it’s time to step up and stop avoiding this decision. You have all of the evidence you need to rule against Husted. He DOES NOT live in his district, he lives with his wife and kids in Columbus. This makes him a good husband and a good father but it means he is not following the rules. And we elected you Secretary of State to enforce these rules.

It’s not always pleasant but this is part of the job, Ms. Brunner. You don’t need 7 days.