This feels a little wrong – like picking on the handicapped kid at school. But these people and their crazy ideas just won’t go away, and continue to be a major influence in right-wing groupthink. So, I present to you a humorous and fairly accurate summary of what birthers believe…

Until conservatives are willing to get away from this stupid, pointless stuff and start debating actual policy, they deserve to have a continual spotlight shone on this anchor. It’s time to act like grownups, people.

  • Matt N.
  • I’m sorry, Matt, but what’s your angle here? That Van Jones was a “Truther”? That he’s one of those nutjobs who believe the Bush Administration brought down the Towers? Not true. He made a bad judgement call in signing on to a document that ended up being used differently than he (and many other signatories) understood.

    Or are you criticizing the liberal organizations who are shutting their pieholes at the behest of the White House, as the FDL article talks about? I think you know (or at least you should) what our position is on “toeing the party line”: we aren’t fans.

    Anyway you slice it, this Van Jones “Truther” business is irrelevant. It was irrelevant to his job (but apparently not to the right-wing and poorly named “Americans for Prosperity” lobby that started the attacks against him due to his policy positions), both in terms of qualifications and capability. And now that he’s out, it’s even more irrelevant.

    Until you guys can actually come up with cogent policy positions and critiques (something more sophisticated than “OMG that’s socializm!!!one1!!1!”) you deserve to be mocked ruthlessly.

    Truthers are idiots, BTW, but there’s nothing unreasonable with looking at the facts (PDB titled “Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US” from about a month before the attacks) and asking “What did we know? What did we do? Could we have done anything differently?” That is not the same as believing that WTC7 was intentionally demolished.

    Truthers are a really tiny, fringe group, and have no influence at all in Democratic politics (and, in fact, are rather apolitical; Alex Jones is a Truther, for crissakes). That’s not the case for Birthers.

    As for the poll numbers about “conspiracy theories”… Truthers are less in number than people who believe JFK was killed by the gov’t, and also fewer than the number who believe that the feds are hiding evidence of aliens from us. In short, there are a lot of idiots out there. But Truthers have no political influence in the Democratic Party. None. They do not drive the agenda, they do not hijack town halls, none of that nonsense.

  • I watched the youtube video and I think you have it all wrong what birthers actually believe. They don’t think some crazy voodoo happened in Kenya, they just think Obama was actually just born there, nothing more nothing less. their whole premise and the many lawsuits by military personnel and Democrat attorney Berg and others all are just requesting a “legal” long form COLB be produced. They just want him to put the issue to rest once and for all by proving he is eligible to be POTUS. It doesn’t help Obama’s case that the first executive order in the Whitehouse was to block all freedom of information requests for his personal documents or that he has spent close to $1 million to fight to keep his birth certificate hidden.

    As an American I’m curious why you don’t care whether he is eligible or not. If in fact he is finally forced to produce a birth certificate will you back him even if he isn’t eligible to be president? Do you advocate just throwing out the Constitution? Just curious…

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