I nearly lost this email coming through from camp Brunner in the shuffle and mess of my inbox. It’s not the typical thing I pick up on, either. It’s a bit dry, slightly dense, and not at all controversial really. Not very Plunderbund.

It is important, though. Safeguarding retiree pensions. Labor Day will always be just another long weekend for most people – me included. The real meaning of Labor Day, however, is to honor the worker. The millions of people working hard over the course of lifetimes to build the middle class of America. The strength of our country, really.

Jennifer has spent the weekend – today included – traveling around the state promoting reforms that would ensure the security of working and retired union and salaried employees? pensions and urging Congress to pass the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).

Brunner states:

?The men and women of the labor movement are the foundation of the middle class. It is critical that Congress pass legislation that would give labor and management trustees the tools they need to protect pension funds and weather the severe economic downturn we have experienced.??

Reforms are desperately needed so that those who built the economy that the fat cats crashed are protected from consequences they not only couldn’t foresee, but were powerless to stop. All they could do was spend a lifetime working as hard as they could for their families and their retirement.

I don’t talk to my dad much about his retirement. He spent a lifetime applying his considerable craft in management at General Motors. All that I care about now is that he is home in Kentucky and incredibly happy about it. My last visit left me worried when he mentioned his life insurance policy (much of which he paid for) was reduced by some 1,000%. The benefit went from some security to just about enough to bury him. All this wonky policy stuff does have an impact on real people. We have to remember that.

So yeah, it’s dry stuff this Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. That’s why we need strong leaders willing to wade into it, sort it, and fight on behalf of workers. That’s why Jennifer Brunner deserves our support. A sincere thank you, Jennifer!

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