Eric emailed me this very funny video of Matt Naugle at the rally tonight. Dude is determined not to open his mouth and say something stupid!

(Tim beat me to the punch. Stupid 4-year-old laptop!)

  • Joe just emailed me that he thought it was funny how Matt tried to video me back but then gave up as if my video recorder was just too powerful.

  • the face of………not sure.

  • redhorse

    bleeping brilliantly hilarious.

  • Matt N.

    Welcome back Brian! I see from your archives this is your monthly post:

    Look forward to seeing you again sometime before Halloween!

  • Matt writes:

    Am processing video? nothing too exciting. Ran into Eric from Plunderbund, who I was going to talk to until he shoved a camera in my face. oh well. He is just at typical pot-smoking marxist thug. He is also in a very unhappy marriage, so I suppose venting by harassing harassing me is cheaper than going to a psychologist.

    LOL. Pot smoking marxist thug? That the best you can do, Matt. Seriously? Where the hell did you get unhappy marriage from, buddy? Just making shit up as usual? Going to talk to me? You ran away from me like Sasquatch from Patterson, man. Funny the guy running around with a Flip camera complains about a camera being “shoved in his face”. You’re a piece of work dude!

  • Some great comments over at Kos on this too:

    Gonna be a great night for traffic buddy! Enjoy.

  • ahoy!

  • Brian! You non-blogger you.

    Did you feel that burn, Brian?


    Naugle got you good there boy! LOL

  • jefferson

    It’s pretty embarrassing that plunderbund and bloggerinterrupted are both wetting their panties over spotting naugle at the rally while offering no information about what took place at the rally. Naugle also offers no information about what happened at the rally except to exempt himself from the blogger vs blogger madness.

    I was hoping the columbus blogoshphere would have some information about tonight’s event. Alas, again all the bloggers are more interested in their own egos than reporting something worht reading.

  • What can I say? RealLife(tm) has been getting in the way.

    But he did make me cry myself to sleep, fo sho.

  • @9: A few points.

    1. I’m not a beat reporter. Didn’t go there to “cover it”.

    2. I blog what I want when I want. Always been my rule. Don’t dig it? See ya later.

    3. I do have a responsibility to my readership and from all indications (several emails) I did OK with this particular piece.

    4. There are plenty of places to get the information which you desire. Here is a good one:!

    If not, you can try here:

    Thanks for stopping in.

  • Russ
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  • Anonymous

    “No longer available due to a copyright claim by Black Eye Media LLC”

    Matt Naugle IS Black Eye Media LLC. What copyright did you infringe on? Does his goofy behavior contain some sort of trade secret or … I hate to use the term, but “Intellectual” property? Now I REALLY want to see it!

  • We’ve restored the video using another service and are working to restore the original YouTube video. Thanks.

  • YouTube reinstated the original video. Over 5,000 views! Wow.

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