Bring your best altar boy to this smack down. You’re gonna need it:

In their Book, Mary Magdalene was the prostitute who Jesus allowed to see him risen first, and were these people to be alive at her passing, they would have remembered her sex life, only. In the Book which they wave with self righteous piety, Peter betrayed their Messiah three times before Jesus gave him the keys to his church, and at Peter?s passing, they would have only remembered how many times the cock crowed. In their Book, a thief hanging on a cross next to their Messiah was forgiven his sins, and if they had been there, they would have spat on their own Messiah?s bleeding feet at the sight.

And in their Book, Jesus asks what you?ve done for the least of these, because whatsoever you?ve done for them, you did for him.

That’s the meat of it, but this snippet hit me like a church bell ringing from a belfry:

Often, in fact usually, as they crow they wave The Book whose central command they simply refuse to obey, waving it ever more demonstratively to justify not obeying it.

My take? I’ve always thought Jesus would have fuck all to do with these false righteous pseudo-spiritual cowards.

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