Yes, folks. It’s important:

Without health care reform, health insurance premiums could almost double by 2020, according to a report by the Commonwealth Fund, a 90-year-old non-profit health care charity.

Reform is hardly a handout to insurance companies. A public option ensures price control via competition. Special interests do NOT want that to happen. The American people support reform with a public option overwhelmingly. The only question is which interests will Congress bend to? Special interests are bearing down hard. Time for public interest to bear down harder.

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  • Matt N.

    Double- Which is what happened in Massachusetts when RomeyCare, the state version of ObamaCare, was implemented. While in NY, the state shut down a doctor for daring to create a $79 health plan:

    Want competition? Then allow people to buy insurance across state lines, reform the tax code, and get rid of insurance mandates.

  • Anastasia P

    Oh please ? no way! No way will it takes THAT long. They’ll double by 2015. Mine doubled between 1998 and 2003.

  • Anastasia P

    Just to clarify. It was exactly the same plan with the same provider ? I had Kaiser at the time. The annual increases had me paying twice as much in 2003 as I paid at the beginning of 2008. And I never saw a doctor or had any kind of treatment or took a medication in that time. Nothing.

  • Wow Anastasia. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I really don’t understand what (other than corporate profits) scares the right so bad about a little competition from the gubmint. Hell, they seem to think it’s no competition so why not have the option?

    …because they know in the end it would end the false premise upon which their ideology rests. That’s why.

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