So the story Anthony posted about a supposed conversation between Democratic SoS candidate Jennifer Garrison and former Democratic AG candidate Subodh Chandra has caused quite the stir. Tim Russo even asked the Governor about it, who of course said he didn’t think she said that. Of course he wouldn’t know because all accounts of this old ass story are that it happened between two people and two people only. Unless there was someone standing beside Jennifer and Subodh that we don’t yet know about.

Well, one of them has denied this conversation took place. Jennifer says it never happened.

A few thoughts here.

1. Jennifer Garrison is most probably not a racist, and if she is this story sure as shit doesn’t prove it.

2. Subodh Chandra is a whiner

Look, I’m the biggest Subodh wanker in the ‘sphere. I love the guy. Really do. His speech at the Delaware County Democratic Party Dinner set me on fire. I left there with more energy for the 2006 election than I EVER would have had absent a good Subodh stump speech. I’d have walked through fire for the guy – and did. We lost.

I’m also no Jennifer Garrison supporter. That much should be pretty clear as well. This story, however, strikes me as complete trumped up bullshit. I jumped on it because I don’t like Garrison’s bid for SoS. I got played. Eric don’t like getting played.

Here is what I think happened. Jennifer probably stated matter of factly the problem that many acknowledged back then (even Subodh supporters). Hell, ever SUBODH acknowledged it in his speeches. Funny looking guy with funny sounding name. That was code for “I know some of you are racist fucks, but please vote for me anyway”.

He did it the same exact way Barack Obama did. With humor and grace. I might add that he did it just as well also, which is no small task! What Barack Obama did NOT do was go around whining behind the scenes among Democratic leaders at how racist this was in the party or how racist that was. He didn’t whine. He forged straight ahead and created his own unbeatable army of supporters who carried him to his goal of winning his election. He forced the hand of those who might have dismissed him.

Subodh whined. Constantly and to everyone who would listen from all accounts I’m hearing. It disappoints me greatly that he was not able to compete and we were stuck with the embarrassment that is Marc Dann. Make no mistake about it. But to now hear these stories? (why now?) It all strikes me as sour grapes and an attempt to distort what may have just been an innocent conversation about the facts on the ground as it relates to an electorate. In all honesty Jennifer was probably right. Absent her “looking Subodh up and down” and her “then walking away leaving Subodh”…what was the word? “stunned”, she probably was spot on in her assessment and unwillingness to get behind Subodh. Not the choice I would want her to make and certainly not the choice I would make, but it doesn’t make her a racist.

Either step up and own this conversation and the implicit racist remarks by a candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, or stop whining. Plain and simple.

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