I got invited via Facebook to a candlelight vigil for healthcare this weekend in Columbus. ProgressOhio is spreading the message and it’s a good one:

This event will be an opportunity to reflect on the spiritual roots of our work to support health care reform ? highlighting the moral aspects of the issue, and remembering the real-life consequences of our broken health care system. We will demonstrate the depth and breadth of public support for a health care future that includes everyone and works well for all of us.

I think as we’ve watched this healthcare debate go from heated to batshit crazy, it’s a good idea to stop and remember why we are doing it in the first place. It’s a moral imperative to ensure all of our citizens have good healthcare. We forget all too easily that we should be taking care of one another. This event will be a good way to help us remember the old adage “you are your brother’s keeper”.

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  • Tudorman

    Nice sentiments. But the government is not society. And while you’re evangelizing at the front door, your thugs are using the back door to pilfer the house. The ends do not justify the means.

  • Yes it is Tudortroll. Yes it is.

    My thugs? LOL. OK.

    There is no ends/means argument here. Lower HC costs and providing broader coverage is justified. Period.

  • Tudorman

    Just and moral societies are based on voluntary, peaceful collaboration that serve to attain that which individuals cannot otherwise, such as commerce or defense. Governments differ fundamentally from society in that they are the only entity that enjoys the ability to initiate unilateral, non-defensive force without penalty. Every action of the government is ultimately backed by the threat of violence. This may be useful in some instances, such as threatening and punishing those who violate our natural rights, like thieves and murderers. But it is imperative that the state ensure that its violence and plunder do not rise to the level that would incite too much active resistance. Therefore, it’s useful for the state to promote itself not as a predator, but as a “partner” in trade, exchanging services for “contributions” (taxes), even if those who create the wealth do not desire such favors. But the state can perform acts of violence upon any of its subjects who refuse to participate, something you and I cannot do.

    You state:

    (If I mangle the html, sorry.)

    [i]”We forget all too easily that we should be taking care of one another. This event will be a good way to help us remember the old adage ?you are your brother?s keeper?.[/i]

    This is a fine and good thing. There are benefits to society when its members perform acts of charity and goodwill. But the state says “You will help your fellow man by the mandatory contribution of that which you have peacefully earned. The needs of others trump your needs. If you refuse, you will be punished. If you resist, you will be jailed. And if you fight back, we will kill you.”

    And yes, they are your thugs. Why don’t you and your fellow government supporters go knock on doors (figuratively and literally) and ask people to voluntarily contribute to the cause? You wouldn’t consider it, maybe because you’re too embarrassed, or maybe because you think people would refuse you. So instead, since you can’t convince them to do what you want by their own free will, you out-source the plundering to the state. You petition the federal government to do it for you, because you only need to convince 270 of the right people to force your will upon millions of others who don’t agree with you.

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