From Dave at ProgressOhio comes this piece of LOL magic:

I should read Dave more. Buncha good stuff going over there. He should pimp his stuff out more. Maybe he can also explain what a “Walnut” is…

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  • Hey Eric,
    Thx for the link!
    The definition of a WALNUT can be found herein:
    Video: Wingnut or Walnut? Columbus Health Reform Protestor Tells 5 Lies In 2 Minutes

  • Ah, Workers Against Lazy Non-Producers United Together. LOL. Got it.

  • looks like some folks over at are missing an enter key as well. seems to be an epidemic!

  • Matt N.

    Typical arrogant liberals.

  • What’s funny about you commenting on this particular post Matthew is this video reminded me strongly of a certain Naugle video circa 2005. Remember that one?

  • Matt N.

    The guy probably has mental problems. My point is, the same “compassionate” progressives talking about health care are the same statist paint-sniffing zen buddist thugs who are ones mocking.

  • LOL. So It’d be more compassionate to deny this man better healthcare (mental healthcare even) than to make fun of him for making an ass out of himself.

    Yes, I think those who make his kinds of arguments and are willing to do so in public have mental problems. Thanks for confirming for me the mental disease that is conservatism. 😉

    You lose credibility with your mocking argument when (in the same sentence) you call someone a paint sniffing zen buddhist thug. ROFL.

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