Wow. The hits just keep on coming for the embattled homophobic Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Jennifer Garrison. Anthony has another shocking blow to camp Garrison. Not only does she appear unwilling to stand up for the civil rights of the gay community, but she also may be a closet racist?

Again, according to a very credible source, Garrsion took a step and a half back, looked Chandra up and down, and said “no one where I come from would ever vote for someone who looks like you.” Garrison then turned and walked away, leaving Chandra stunned.

WTF does THAT mean? Anyone paying any amount of attention to the blogosphere on the left knows that Subodh Chandra is now legend. If you’ve ever heard him speak you know that he is extremely smart and a gifted orator. Subodh is a friend of this blog. I hope he will comment on this one way or another and I actually hope this report is not accurate.

Can it be any clearer that the long knives are out for Jennifer? Rightly so. Gonna be a long hot summer for her. I once heard something about lying in the bed you make.

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