I was pretty sure that after President Obama answered questions about health care reform from every nutjob in the audience at today’s town hall meeting in Colorado people, especially those in attendance at the event, would finally understand what The President is trying accomplish and get behind him in this pursuit.

Judging by the video below, I was most certainly wrong.

In this video Debbie Schum, a self-identified “small business owner” and active member of the local Libertarian party, claims “I don’t have insurance and I don’t want insurance.” And then almost immediately adds: “I’d like to have some Insurance if it were affordable”. She then goes on to blame insurance companies for the health care crisis and to claim that health care reform will lead to “a corporate welfare subsidy for insurance companies.”

You have to love Libertarians for their unapologetic contractions. And for their ability to believe that there is some big conspiracy between the entire U.S. Government and every insurance company in the country to accomplish an evil plan to take away freedom and liberty from the American people. And for their ability to just make shit up on the fly: like the fact that people in England have a 78% tax rate.