Update: I love when we are able to actually influence change. Both dispatchers are on administrative leave (no word on paid or unpaid) pending an investigation. The words of both police chiefs is encouraging as is the North Canton Mayor David Held. I look forward to the findings of the investigation. They should have a good head start thanks to bloggers!

The net widens. Anthony again with the story:

Malachowski received the email as part of a larger email blast sent by Uniontown Police Dispatcher Holli Webb (pictured above).

While on the clock.
At the police department.

OhioDaily spoke with Webb moments ago and she confirmed, after significant hesitation, that she was at work at 8:45AM (her day starts at 7AM) when she sent the email from her personal Hotmail account ( holliwebb1@hotmail.com ).

Holli and Anita can go job shopping together! If you’d like to voice your displeasure with this sick racist attack on the President, you can do so using the following information:

Uniontown Police Department
Phone: 330-699-6444
Fax: 330-699-9501
E-mail: uniontownpd@neo.rr.com

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  • Jack

    I’m thinking if I’m African-American and am relying on these racist slimeballs to dispatch police officers at my time of need, I’m in big trouble. They need to be fired immediately.

  • Modern Esquire

    Fire them all. And pray some arbitrator doesn’t force the city to taken them back.

  • Bryon

    Just a slight correction – David Held is the Mayor of North Canton. William “Jamie” Healy is the Mayor of Canton.

    There is often confusion – people tend to assume that North Canton means the northern part of the city of Canton – where in actuality it is a separate municipality entirely.

  • Thanks for that Bryon. I made the correction.

  • Nicole

    Get a life…if it was any other joke talking about any other race this would not be a big story. Its sad that you people have nothing better to do. Honestly no one has ever recieved a joke forward? Our papers should focus on stories on something other than this.

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