From the daily archives: Friday, August 14, 2009

Update: I love when we are able to actually influence change. Both dispatchers are on administrative leave (no word on paid or unpaid) pending an investigation. The words of both police chiefs is encouraging as is the North Canton Mayor David Held. I look forward to the findings of the investigation. They should have a good head start thanks to bloggers!

The net widens. Anthony again with the story:

Malachowski received the email as part of a larger email blast sent by Uniontown Police Dispatcher Holli Webb (pictured above).

While on the clock.
At the police department.


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Welcome DailyKos readers! Thanks for reading and supporting our efforts in Ohio to hold these two police dispatchers accountable!

I know times are tough and many are looking for work. If you live in or around North Canton I think a police dispatcher position may be coming open soon. Anthony has the details:

OhioDaily has received the copy of a racist email message sent by a North Canton Police Dispatcher.

In the message sent to an unknown number of recipients from a North Canton Police email address ( ), Dispatcher Anita Malachowski forwards the message


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