Earlier I posted about the trouble brewing for Jennifer Garrison in her bid to be the Democratic candidate for Ohio Secretary of State. The post included information on a Facebook group opposing her (now up over 200 members). The group was started by Michael Daniels and in doing some research I found an interesting video of him talking about the race. Michael is publisher of Outlook Magazine. He is also a very well respected member of the LGBT community in Ohio.

What Michael seems to be saying here is Ted Strickland and Chris Redfern’s soft support of Jennifer Garrison could prove costly in terms of fundraising in the future. Watch:

Is TedFern ready to go to battle with the LGBT community in Ohio? Are they ready for a Progressive backlash? Daniels warning shot across their bow should send shockwaves through ODP and strengthen what have to be serious rumblings in the Progressive community in Ohio.

Not only that, but getting behind Garrison at the expense of Marilyn Brown without money from LGBT and Progressive groups could lose us a Statehouse seat:

By not seeking re-election to the House, Garrison might hand her seat to the GOP. And Brown has an edge over Garrison that also exists with either prospective Republican rival: Ohioans vote for Browns.

Doesn’t sound too strategic does it? Isn’t that what ODP and Redfern are supposed to be about? Strategic maneuvering and Statehouse control? Seems to me they might be fucking this one up. One thing is certain, and that’s that Ted and Red are in one hell of a pickle with this one.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this. If anyone hears anything or has information to pass on, you know how to reach me! Like I said earlier. It’s on.