I. really. don’t. know. what. to. say:

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Update: Tim’s video in which Ralph King denounces the Hitler sign and the Latin singing Larouchies. It’s always good to see those you battle with politically online in person. I always thought Ralph was a decent guy. One I disagree with pretty strongly and one who tends to get carried away at times, but a long ago conversation with him on the phone led me to believe he was not the nuttiest of wingnuts. Still owe you $20, Ralph. We should get a beer sometime. Thanks for the reasoned denouncement of the sign, man.

Update 2: Maybe I spoke too soon. From a recent Ralph King post:

Soon all of Chairman Obamao’s goose-stepping goons filling many of the union ranks will be forced to wear little red arm bands with an “O” in the middle as a way of showing their allegiance…

…So if your vote in the past election was not meant to turn fellow Americans against each other, come join the fight in saving our country from the Nazi-like direction we are being taken on!

Which is it Ralph? Is he Hitler or not?

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