I. really. don’t. know. what. to. say:

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Update: Tim’s video in which Ralph King denounces the Hitler sign and the Latin singing Larouchies. It’s always good to see those you battle with politically online in person. I always thought Ralph was a decent guy. One I disagree with pretty strongly and one who tends to get carried away at times, but a long ago conversation with him on the phone led me to believe he was not the nuttiest of wingnuts. Still owe you $20, Ralph. We should get a beer sometime. Thanks for the reasoned denouncement of the sign, man.

Update 2: Maybe I spoke too soon. From a recent Ralph King post:

Soon all of Chairman Obamao’s goose-stepping goons filling many of the union ranks will be forced to wear little red arm bands with an “O” in the middle as a way of showing their allegiance…

…So if your vote in the past election was not meant to turn fellow Americans against each other, come join the fight in saving our country from the Nazi-like direction we are being taken on!

Which is it Ralph? Is he Hitler or not?

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  • King

    I am still against the Ladouchebaggers. They do not speak for the Tea Party Patriots and are not affilieated with our group.

    As for my post… when union thugs are dispatched and find it fit to give out beatings because someone disagrees — I still say they are goose-stepping goons. We know the SEIU and labor in Obama’s back pocket.

    The “tell on your neighbor” link Obama has set up on the White House website – smacks of goose-stepping Nazi-like tactics. That even you guys are not outraged by this is somewhat disturbing.

    No, Obama is not Hitler. For the record… what or how should the US public react when the POTUS is asking them to turn each other in if they do not agree with his hellth care proposals?

  • @3: Ladouchebaggers hold up a sign indicating Obama is Hitler. You use language that paints the picture.

    It’s pretty clear and you are not being consistent here. I only ask that your writing reflect your true opinion or you at least admit that what you told Tim on camera is a “the camera is on me” moderation of your true position.

    When you say things like “goose stepping goons” and “the Nazi-like direction we are being taken on”, how far away are you from holding an Obama as Hitler sign really?

    I’ll agree with you that physical confrontations are unacceptable. Obviously. To intimate that Obama is dispatching them is as ludicrous as saying there are “death panels”.

    There’s also a big difference – and you either know it or are completely ignorant (which I doubt) – betweeen calling on people to counter misinformation and turning people in to be on some enemies list. Nobody is asking people to turn people in, but they are being asked to counter the same kind of bullshit lies meant to induce the same fear and loathing that was ginned up during the election. Same playbook. Same response.

  • Ralph, you are not being truthful in your comments here, and you know it. and it’s nice to see you’re sudden interest in “enemies lists” after George W. Bush engaged in warrantless wiretapping of every single phone in the country, for years.

    you’re a much better person when the camera is on you.

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