nogarrisonDDN reported on a new Facebook group opposing Jennifer Garrison’s bid for Ohio Secretary of State on Friday. I got an invite today and the group already has 155 members. No love in some of the comments either:

I’m sure you are hearing this from the LGBT Community from all around the state, but I have to make my voice heard on this. Jennifer Garrison should be a non-starter in the Secretary of State race. She is totally unacceptable for statewide office. She is a anti-gay, anti-woman and pro-gun. The is a Democrat in name only. I was outraged when she was elected, outraged when she was given a leadership position in the House. outraged when her name was floated for Lt. Governor and more than outraged at her latest move.

Ouch. From the sounds of it, Garrison pulled a Bill Ritter and beat her Republican opponent by bashing her for her opposition to an anti-gay marriage bill.

Repeat. A Democrat beat a Republican by bashing the Republican for her opposition to a bill that was anti-gay marriage. Garrison is toast. She might be able to pose as a Republican in Democrat clothing in a state congressional district in SEO, but damned if she can be a Democratic SOS.

I’ve been ignoring stuff from Marilyn Brown for weeks. I won’t be ignoring them anymore. It’s on. Yo Cliff. Get in touch buddy! 😉

  • Dana

    She might be able to pose as a Republican in Democrat clothing in a state congressional district in SEO

    We know who you’re referring to! Garrison is a non-starter and that’s good, but where’s the opposition to Zack Space? Space needs to be taken down, and soon. He obviously ran for this office solely to line his own pockets courtesy of Big Pharma, the military-industrial complex and Big Coal. We need a real Democrat to run against Space in the primary. Someone please, please, please step up!

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