nogarrisonDDN reported on a new Facebook group opposing Jennifer Garrison’s bid for Ohio Secretary of State on Friday. I got an invite today and the group already has 155 members. No love in some of the comments either:

I’m sure you are hearing this from the LGBT Community from all around the state, but I have to make my voice heard on this. Jennifer Garrison should be a non-starter in the Secretary of State race. She is totally unacceptable for statewide office. She is a anti-gay, anti-woman and pro-gun. The is a Democrat in name only. I was outraged when she was elected, outraged when she was given a leadership position in the House. outraged when her name was floated for Lt. Governor and more than outraged at her latest move.

Ouch. From the sounds of it, Garrison pulled a Bill Ritter and beat her Republican opponent by bashing her for her opposition to an anti-gay marriage bill.

Repeat. A Democrat beat a Republican by bashing the Republican for her opposition to a bill that was anti-gay marriage. Garrison is toast. She might be able to pose as a Republican in Democrat clothing in a state congressional district in SEO, but damned if she can be a Democratic SOS.

I’ve been ignoring stuff from Marilyn Brown for weeks. I won’t be ignoring them anymore. It’s on. Yo Cliff. Get in touch buddy! 😉