From the daily archives: Monday, August 10, 2009

Keith goes off on “Death Panel Palin” and…ahum…KILLS it!

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Fight The Health Care Smears

On August 10, 2009 By

Remember Fight the Smears? I spent the better part of a year using it as inspiration and fodder to hammer insane wingnut lunatics out to prevent Barack Obama from becoming President by lying and sowing seeds of fear and loathing among the masses.

It didn’t work out well for them.

One reason it didn’t was a coordinated effort by the campaign and by bloggers like me who fought back – hard. It’s the only way you deal with insane ignorant bullies. Hit them hard and keep hitting them until those who might sheepishly go along are forced not […]

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DDN reported on a new Facebook group opposing Jennifer Garrison’s bid for Ohio Secretary of State on Friday. I got an invite today and the group already has 155 members. No love in some of the comments either:

I’m sure you are hearing this from the LGBT Community from all around the state, but I have to make my voice heard on this. Jennifer Garrison should be a non-starter in the Secretary of State race. She is totally unacceptable for statewide office. She is a anti-gay, anti-woman and pro-gun. The is a Democrat in name only. I […]

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