I’m pretty sure Ken Blackwell was drunk when he wrote his latest piece for townhall.com. Then again, I get that feeling when I read most of the things Ken writes. He never seems to have a point – just a lot of conservative talking points that he randomly repeats again and again. No begining. No end. Just a lot of noise – like a drunk guy telling you the same story five times in a row.

This time the trigger for his drunken rambling is President Clinton’s trip to North Korea. And Ken’s talking points are pretty standard stuff: A. the Obama administration apologizes to our enemies making America look weak and B. Al Gore is a pussy because he wants to protect the environment.

Pretty unoriginal, Ken. Even by your low standards.

I certainly do understand the power and effectiveness of standardizing and repeating a message. This is a great strategy in the advertising world. But writing a widely-read article for “the Leading Conservative and Political Opinion Website” is hardly the same thing as writing copy for a deodorant ad. Or maybe I’m just giving leading conservative and political opinion writers too much credit.

Anyway, I’ll get right to my point: Ken Blackwell and the rest of the conservative opinionators are really just a bunch of jealous whiney little bitches who suddenly realized that no one, not our enemies or our friends, not the Europeans or the Asians or even the Canadians, not the Christians or the Muslims or the Jews of the world have any interest in a visit from George W. Bush or any other Republican politician.