I’m in one of those moods tonight, so I thought I’d post something else I’ve been thinking about…

Remember when Ken Blackwell and the rest of the Republicans were talking up new media channels like Twitter as a way to help grow their party?

Well Ken Blackwell, self-proclaimed “new media ninja”, has posted exactly two things to twitter in the past 5 months. On February 20th he had a tweet about his appearance on a pretty non-new media network: “I was on CNN tonight”. Not exactly sure how that is supposed to help grow the party. If anything, Ken’s TV appearances tend to drive away potential party members.

And then, on June 19th, he posted this masterpiece of new media Ninjutsu: “Nice to see Mr. Naugle on Twitter! Please follow him: @rightohio.”

And people wonder why Ken wasn’t chosen to head the RNC?

At least Ken’s twitter team was able to pump out a few hundred tweets during the few months he was active on twitter. I can’t say the same thing for Carlo LoParo, former Blackwell staffer and Buckeye Institute tool, and current anti-Strickland shill. Carlo managed to muster up only 8 tweets in 10 days before giving up completely on his new media adventure.

For some reason I have this image of Carlo standing in a dark room at the Buckeye Institute offices bitching about the quality of the press releases churning out of his ditto machine.