From the daily archives: Thursday, August 6, 2009

I’m in one of those moods tonight, so I thought I’d post something else I’ve been thinking about…

Remember when Ken Blackwell and the rest of the Republicans were talking up new media channels like Twitter as a way to help grow their party?

Well Ken Blackwell, self-proclaimed “new media ninja”, has posted exactly two things to twitter in the past 5 months. On February 20th he had a tweet about his appearance on a pretty non-new media network: “I was on CNN tonight”. Not exactly sure how that is supposed to help grow the party. If anything, Ken’s […]

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I’m pretty sure Ken Blackwell was drunk when he wrote his latest piece for Then again, I get that feeling when I read most of the things Ken writes. He never seems to have a point – just a lot of conservative talking points that he randomly repeats again and again. No begining. No end. Just a lot of noise – like a drunk guy telling you the same story five times in a row.

This time the trigger for his drunken rambling is President Clinton’s trip to North Korea. And Ken’s talking points are pretty standard stuff: […]

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