Kevin Holtsberry is upset. He thinks it unfair that I called Portman out on his new website and “Green Partyization” of it and his logo. He thinks instead that it’s all pretty innocent:

I suppose it is too much to believe that perhaps Portman simply wanted a website that looked different than your standard out of the box reb, white and blue site. That the point of the redesign was to bring more interactive features and social networking rather than hidden messages about identity and policy.

(You think “reb, white, and blue” was a Freudian slip.? Heh.)

Is that what you suppose, Kevin? How cute. How long have you been in politics? To think a candidate and his team don’t consider the implications of design, color, and logo is pretty damned naive. Modern day politics is very much akin to modern day marketing. See the recent Presidential election and Obama team success with design and the parallel failures of the McCain team. Anyone remember the “black website”?

But of course! Rob just wanted to simply look a bit different and add some interactivity and social media! I’ll agree he wants to look different, but I cite reasons why he might. Very obvious reasons. I love that you shill. Don’t mind that you shill. But if you’re gonna shill and come after me you better damned well have both barrels loaded and come correct.

Rob Portman just wanted something a little different. OF COURSE! How could I have missed that innocuous fact!?

LOL. What’s detached from reality – political anyway – is this type of sycophant non-analysis, Kevin. There’s a cluetrain comin’. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

The difference between Kevin’s post and mine is that I cited actual evidence for my arguments. Kevin just whines. Somebody call the Wahmbulance!


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