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Had to elevate this find from a link in comments:

One of the truly amazing and depressing things about the health reform debate is the persistence of fear-mongering over ?socialized medicine? even though we already have a system in which the government pays substantially more medical bills (47% of the total) than the private insurance industry (35%).

Hello? Anyone home America?

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44 years ago today Medicare was signed into law by President Johnson with President Truman looking on. Johnson signed Truman’s original application form as a witness and called him “the real daddy of Medicare”. The irony is that the same old voices that tried to scare America into not making Medicare a reality are doing the same with universal health care. Same. Exact. Playbook.

By all accounts Medicare has been an overwhelmingly popular program with the American people. As Barack Obama hilariously noted this week, many people say to him “I don’t want socialized health care!…but don’t […]

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Shatner delivers again!

In case you missed it, here’s her farewell speech as read by Shatner.

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Um…speaking of an inability to show self awareness:

BOSTON ? A Boston police officer who was suspended for using a racial slur to describe black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., apologized for his comments but declared he is not a racist.

…”It was a poor choice of words. I did not mean to offend anyone,” he told the station.

“I am not a racist, I never have been, never will be. I treat people with dignity and respect every time,” he added.

Dude. I’m pretty sure referring to a black person as a “banana eating jungle […]

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Lessons in Douchebaggery

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As only Jon Stewart can:

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LMAO. Almost didn’t need to watch the video. The title was funny enough!

Mexico Builds Border Wall To Keep Out US Assholes

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Kevin Holtsberry is upset. He thinks it unfair that I called Portman out on his new website and “Green Partyization” of it and his logo. He thinks instead that it’s all pretty innocent:

I suppose it is too much to believe that perhaps Portman simply wanted a website that looked different than your standard out of the box reb, white and blue site. That the point of the redesign was to bring more interactive features and social networking rather than hidden messages about identity and policy.

(You think “reb, white, and blue” was a Freudian slip.? Heh.)

Is that […]

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