So I get a Facebook group invitation from Jordan Smith today. I get tons of those and ignore most, but this one caught my eye: “How about this: Brunner for the Ohio 12th Congressional District!”

Huh? LOL. Where have we seen this argument before. I KNOW! Paul Hackett. Don’t run for Senate Paul. Just be happy to run for that little Congressional job. There is someone else and it’s “their turn”.

Shit gets so old.

So the argument is that both candidates are great and all, but Jennifer should just settle for running for a Congressional seat because Lee has more money. Nevermind it’s a Congressional seat that Democrats have shown ZERO ability to win regardless of candidate or money.

Asking Jennifer Brunner to run in OH12 is the political equivalent of sending her to an outpost in Siberia. It’s a Democrat no man’s land. It’s insulting to even suggest. The last candidate without money lost. The last candidate WITH money lost. The district may be changing, but it isn’t at all a prime pickup opportunity by any means. Basically this group and Jordan are telling Jennifer Brunner:


Jordan’s analysis is pathetic:

All Democratic candidates who ran against Tiber in the past decadei had good ideas and intentions. But only two times were those Democrats well funded, there is no reason a well funded, well organized campaign, the kind that Brunner would put together in 2010 couldn’t put this race in play again.

Emphasis added. Guess what the two “well funded” candidates have in common? THEY LOST! Does he live in the district? Has he ever tried to get a Congressional candidate elected in the district? I have. It’s the uphilliest of uphill challenges. It will take a bigger demographic shift in the district and I’d guess it is years off. Sure Tiberi is a patsy non-leader type who is a shill for any wingnut breeze that blows his way. The fact is though that the guy has terrific constituent services and connects with district voters. Incumbents like that are hard to unseat. Hell, Pat has even replied directly to me on occasion – probably knowing full well I’m not a friendly.

So what do I think of drafting Jennifer Brunner to run in the 12th?




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