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This story made me want to post this:

Binary solo!

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Twitter Updates for 2009-07-29

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@buckeyeblog about sick of blue dogs. Still contemplating… in reply to buckeyeblog # Wingnuts are pulling out all the "punk" and "thug" stuff lately. Recycling their Hussein stuff too. Full on freak out #

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Plunderbund was the first to out the author of Third Base Politics, a blog that has been pretending to be an “Ohio blog” since last year. Modern at BSB goes one further and uncovers that Jon Keeling is actually an ex-staffer of both Tiberi and Kasich.

He lives in the DC area (Arlington, VA). We’re familiar with that in Ohio. DC hacks entering the fray pretending to be Ohioan. We call it astroturfing. It’s fake. It’s dishonest. It’s going to get figured out and blogged.

So late welcome to the fray Jon Keeling. Welcome to OUR […]

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So I get a Facebook group invitation from Jordan Smith today. I get tons of those and ignore most, but this one caught my eye: “How about this: Brunner for the Ohio 12th Congressional District!”

Huh? LOL. Where have we seen this argument before. I KNOW! Paul Hackett. Don’t run for Senate Paul. Just be happy to run for that little Congressional job. There is someone else and it’s “their turn”.

Shit gets so old.

So the argument is that both candidates are great and all, but Jennifer should just settle for running for a Congressional seat […]

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An ODB Shout Out!

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Plunderbund got a video shout out today from Ohio Daily Blog – also one of our favorites for some time. We also liked Anthony’s previous blog Blue Ohioan. You’ll note the killer tee Anthony sports in the video. You should have one too. The first series from a couple years ago were quickly sold out, so you can’t pretend to be OP (Original Plunderbund), but you can get one! They’re only $15 (same price as in 2007!

Get a PlunderTee

Thanks Anthony. Pre-sh8 the luv d00d.

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Unreal. It’s Pavlovian at this point with these people. Automatically go for the Barack Hussein Obama. Even while slamming Birthers!

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