So Rob Portman and friends gave his website a major overhaul. I wondered why. I doubted seriously it had anything to do with any parody. You’ll notice a few things about the new Rob Portman website:

1. No red
2. Lotsa green!
3. Grass!!

Odd, eh. You’d think as center-right as Ohio apparently is that Rob would want to use as much red as possible. Hell, you’d think he was a member of the Green Party after looking at this redesign. Fancy new green/blue logo and everything:

No Ohio flag. No Amurican flag. Nuthin’. Dude looks like a hippie commie if you just buy the branding of the new site. Hell, even the Contribute button is green! OK, that was a nice touch. Cha-ching! Let’s review the issues, shall we? Here is Rob’s position on the Environment:

Oh…there is none. Not listed! Mr. Green Logo doesn’t even list “Environment” as an issue. He listed “Energy”. There’s your first clue he’s a wingnut. If you needed any. GOPers never talk about the environment in terms of how to protect it, they talk about it in terms of how to get “energy” from it. He tosses in some green language, but it’s not a very strong statement of support, just a recognition of the fact that green technology and alternative energy are expanding.

No thanks to Rob and his buddies.

Anastasia over at ODB was all over this back in February. She probably saw such green-washing coming a mile away. Her post tells us to get to know him before he tries to alter his image. She was dead on.

So what’s the real reason Portman redesigned the website? To hide the fact that he is actually anti-environment according to the League of Conservation Voters. They give him a 15% rating. Pretty low for a guy with a nice green logo, don’t you think?

Nice try Rob. Watch out for the nice green Orwellian parody site coming to the Interwebs. That one’s gonna be a hoot! I can see it now. Big Green-washed site hyping Rob’s vote FOR the disastrous Bush/Cheney Energy Policy as dictated by Big Oil. His NO VOTE on raising CAFE standards and support for alternative energy. His NO VOTE on preventing drilling in ANWR.

You can run, Rob. But you can’t hide behind your green logo.

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