I wanted to do a quick snap poll of Ohio’s “thoughtful center-right bloggers”. How many of you are birthers and how many of you are conservatives? Or both?

Just wondering. Please feel free to comment (even those of you previously banned). This is a very serious inquiry into the current psyche of the Ohio wingnut blogger base.

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PS – If you answer birther, or think there is any hint of a doubt in your mind about possibly being a birther, Bill Pascoe wants you to stop!

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  • Matt N.

    The birthers are wrong to question BO’s birthplace, but are right to question his loyalties.

  • So, Matt Naugle = Conservative yes, Birther no.

    Question his loyalties, Matt? That’s an entirely different group. We call them 614-TERRIST’s around here. Birthers are not questioning his loyalty, Matt. They are directly questioning his place of birth and his specific eligibility to be POTUS.

    You should make a stronger rebuke.

  • I am generally center right. Our President was born in the State of Hawaii and has satisfied all conditions necessary for his election.

    The McCain lawyers evidently looked at this issue and quickly discarded it.

  • Those on the Center Right need to confront the President on the real issues, offering solutions to the actual problems we are having.

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