Wow. Didn’t see this one coming. As Tim notes, a house resolution passed overwhelmingly today that recognized Hawaii as President Obama’s birthplace. A total jab to the birther insanity that has gripped the GOP.

Boehner voted for it. Schmidt voted for it. Hell, the guy who sponsored the damned “birther bill” voted FOR it.

My congressman and PB Joseph’s congresswoman? Tiberi and Kilroy both “not voted”. OK. Tiberi I get. But Mary Jo? MARY JO?!@?

Congresswoman Kilroy, please contact us immediately regarding this. I’m hoping there’s a real good explanation.

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  • congresspeople miss votes all the time. but this one is an odd one to miss, at this time. very odd.

  • yes. hence my desire for explanation.

  • Come on, Eric. This is a ridiculous accusation. Members of congress miss votes all the time for a lot of very good reasons.

    The fact that it was going to pass unanimously seems like a pretty good reason not to show up to me.

  • Yes, Joe. I’m sure there is a real good explanation. I was just wondering. You’d figure Mary Jo would want to affirm that her party’s President was indeed born in these United States. You know, as a kind of middle finger to these wingnut birthers. MJK seems to be someone who might want to make this vote and statement.

    Maybe she was sick. Happens all the time…

  • Paul

    I didn’t look up Kilroy, but I did look up Tiberi and he missed both of the two roll call votes that day.

    Much ado about nothing.

    As for Mary Jo, the concept that her missing that vote means anything is laughable.

  • Anastasia P

    I don’t think it’s an odd vote to miss at all. It’s not legislation ? it’s a resolution. It’s a Monday. Nearly 50 other congresspeople didn’t vote on it either. Most of them probably looked at the legislative schedule and, realizing that nothing that actually impacted constituents was on the agenda, stayed in their districts to get a little extra work done and took a later flight to D.C. Just because the birthers want to make a phony issue out of this doesn’t mean that every congressperson should drop everything and rush back to D.C. to vote on a resolution honouring a state’s anniversary ? which was what the resolution was. The thing about Obama being born there was just a tuck-in to tweak the birthers.

  • So Pat and Mary Jo are lazy Congresspeople. Late flight back to work on a Monday and all. I get it.

    I have got to work on how I plant my tongue in my cheek. You people are way too serious.

  • Notice who the first idiot wingnut to pounce on this Mary Jo deal was, right? Come on people!!

  • Paul

    @8 – actually the first I heard anyone say anything about Mary Jo was Tim and then you – which of you are pleading guilty to being “the first idiot wingnut”?


  • Paul. Please.

  • Paul

    Sorry, Eric – I left my magic decoder ring in my other pants pocket. If you are trying to impart actual, you know, information, it’s not working.


  • Yes. That’s what I’m doing. Imparting information. LOL. Damn. Please pay more attention or don’t comment. One or the other will work.

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