The Democrat Senate Primary race is about to get more interesting. Rick Brunner (candidate Jennifer Brunner’s husband) has asked the Inspector General to investigate the Ohio Department of Taxation’s attempt to damage his wife’s campaign by falsely suspending his corporation’s status for failing to file the proper tax documentation years ago. Everything was filed on time and the status has since been re-instated.

Clear political machinations designed to hurt a political campaign via whatever means necessary.

Clearly backfired.

Modern at BSB and Tim at BI are all over it, of course.

The question now will be what will come of any investigation and will it even happen? Will Lee Fisher himself support such investigation? The point has been made before that if he supports doing it in the case of “Joe The Non-Plumber”, then he damn sure better support it in this case.

I appreciated getting the redundant Tim Ryan endorsement today, but I sure would like a statement on the position of the Fisher for Senate campaign as to whether they would support a full and transparent investigation into this matter.

Jennifer has rightly pledged here full cooperation. Can we expect the same leadership from Lee that Tim Ryan says he embodies?

I will not hold my breath…