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Mary Jo Kilroy a Birther?

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Wow. Didn’t see this one coming. As Tim notes, a house resolution passed overwhelmingly today that recognized Hawaii as President Obama’s birthplace. A total jab to the birther insanity that has gripped the GOP.

Boehner voted for it. Schmidt voted for it. Hell, the guy who sponsored the damned “birther bill” voted FOR it.

My congressman and PB Joseph’s congresswoman? Tiberi and Kilroy both “not voted”. OK. Tiberi I get. But Mary Jo? MARY JO?!@?

Congresswoman Kilroy, please contact us immediately regarding this. I’m hoping there’s a real good explanation.

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Despite his inability to apologize for intimating the current sitting President of the United States was a terrorist, Tom continues to demand MY apology for creative use of the English language to make a point. Yes. I once and often called Tom Blumer Tom “Motherfucker” Blumer. To make a point that he is still incapable of grasping. It’s called rhetoric. Smart folks get the shit. Ignorant wingnuts apparently do not. (Actually if you Google Tom and motherfucker it’s the first result. Same thing for Tom Blumer motherfucker. No telling who would do that, but we own it […]

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Birthers on the Hill (Video)

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Absolute hilarity:

Best line hands down: “Is that as fast as you can go?”. Said to Congressman running away from questioner. LMAO

I love watching these GOPers do the duck and cover from their wingnut base. It’s so fun and entertaining. In case you missed the best comment ever about the birther phenomenon, check it out. All your base are belong to you. So great!

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The Democrat Senate Primary race is about to get more interesting. Rick Brunner (candidate Jennifer Brunner’s husband) has asked the Inspector General to investigate the Ohio Department of Taxation’s attempt to damage his wife’s campaign by falsely suspending his corporation’s status for failing to file the proper tax documentation years ago. Everything was filed on time and the status has since been re-instated.

Clear political machinations designed to hurt a political campaign via whatever means necessary.

Clearly backfired.

Modern at BSB and Tim at BI are all over it, of course.

The question now […]

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Will Tim continue to be a darling of the ‘sphere after this one? It would seem to strain that relationship.

Youngstown ? Congressman Tim Ryan today endorsed Lt. Governor Lee Fisher for U.S. Senate, citing his leadership in standing up for the hardworking families of Ohio. Congressman Ryan has represented Ohio?s 17th Congressional district, including most of the Mahoning Valley, since 2003.

Maybe Tim is officially part of the club now and no longer the young upstart challenger he once was. What’s the saying? Tim Ryan has.

Update: Of course if you haven’t figured out the reason for the […]

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