I’m trying to figure out how The Dispatch picks stories to send out as Breaking News alerts. So far I have no clue and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yesterday I got an email from The Dispatch announcing this ‘breaking news’: “Ohio unemployment hits 11.1 percent”.

Sure, numbers from the ODJFS are important and mildly interesting. But does something like this require a breaking news alert? Not really.

The day before I got this one: “Firefighter who killed dogs is fired.”

Really? THAT is breaking news?

Am I supposed to know who this firefighter is?

Maybe if they had alerted me the day before with an alert like “Firefighter kills dogs!” I might have been interested. But this headline was out of the blue and meaningless to me. Hardly worthy of regular News status – let alone Breaking News.

I’m seriously considering unsubscribing from The Dispatch’s news alerts just like I did with their daily paper deliveries.